What does a smoker’s lungs look like after 30 years?


Each lit cigarette shortens life by about 10 minutes. This statement is a catchy slogan to persuade smokers to quit the addiction. There are medical reasons for this, and smoking undoubtedly shortens your life. Why?

X-rays of the smoker’s lungs show that after 1 year of smoking they are already covered with tar substances, the excretion of which the body could not cope with. After 2 years, this organ begins to take on colors: from dirty pink to dark shades of brown. It is even worse after 5 or 6 years. The smoker’s lungs after 10 years and later are already tightly covered with toxic substances, they also show strong degenerative changes at the cellular level. As smoking accelerates the aging processes of the lungs and the entire body, it exposes the smoker to premature death caused not only by lung cancer but also by other lung diseases.

Do the smoker’s lungs regenerate?
A full cleansing of the smoker’s lungs can only be done after he has quit. It is impossible to regenerate this organ without quitting smoking.

How long does a smoker lung clear? The beneficial effects of the decision to part with cigarettes are felt within the first 24 hours. Blood pressure returns to normal and the risk of acute heart attack decreases (although initially after quitting smoking some people complain of heavy breathing). Lung function normalizes within two weeks.


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