The British Lung Foundation’s Pen-pal scheme has been running for over four years and puts people with similar lung conditions and interests in touch through email, or by post. If you feel alone with your lung condition and would like someone to talk to about your hopes and fears or you find it hard to leave the house, but would enjoy regular contact with someone with a similar lung condition and interests.

You could join hundreds of Breathe Easy Supporters who have already signed up. Here is what some of our pen-pals have to say about the scheme:

‘I have enjoyed and got great benefit from my pen-pal. We have exchanged many letters and the odd phone call. It is so valuable to ‘talk’ to someone who has the same condition and who really understands it – thank you’.
Jean Bancroft, Manchester

‘I have severe breathing problems and I am unable to do very much or walk very far. I decided to get in touch with Pen-pals a few years ago as I enjoy sending emails and use my computer daily, and thought there must be a lot of other people in the same situation as me. I was right! My pen-pal and I send emails to each other most days and have spoken on the phone regularly. She has become a very good friend, especially as she has similar interests and a similar chest complaint’.
Judith Ashworth, email contact

‘My pen-pal relationship is flourishing: Thanks for putting him in touch with me!’
Colin Sheehan, London

‘My pen-pal and I have been exchanging long letters and when we compare notes of how we cope with the same disease. I’m so glad I got in contact with the Pen-pals scheme. I really enjoy hearing about my friend’s life and hope she does about mine!’
Hilda Goddard, Great Clacton.

If you would like to join the scheme, please complete the on-line form below, or call Tina Patel at the British Lung Foundation Head Office on 020 7688 5555.

First name:
Information: e.g. interests, family
Lung condition(s)
Person you would like to be matched with: e.g. male/female, age
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