Lung diseases – effects of cigarette smoking


Smoking is a very harmful addiction – almost everyone knows it – regardless of whether she is addicted to nicotine or has never had a cigarette in her mouth in her life. The consequences of smoking are primarily lung diseases, but also a number of other diseases and ailments. Another problem is passive smoking, to which the relatives of the addicted person and people who are in their company on a daily basis are exposed.

Before deciding to smoke the first cigarette or return to addiction, however, it is worth knowing in detail what is the effect of nicotine on the body and how tar degrades our health. This knowledge will also be useful for caregivers of teenagers, partners of addicts and their families, because it is the health arguments that should be the main motivation to quit smoking or to refuse the first cigarette.

What negative effects of cigarette smoking can be observed in the course of the addiction development and will these effects recede without any health damage? You will find the answers to these questions in the article below – read on!


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