Lung cancer – smoking


Lung cancer is a unique malignant tumor. About 85-90% of cases are caused by exposure, active or passive, to several dozen carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco smoke.

What happens when a pregnant woman smokes

  • A baby’s developing brain comes into contact with nicotine
  • After delivery, the newborn may develop symptoms of craving for nicotine
  • The child may be more tearful, restless, sleep worse, have digestive tract disorders
  • He will have an increased nicotine tolerance for life
  • In the future, it may be easier to get addicted to smoking
  • It is easier to miscarry and complications in childbirth
    The risk of developing fetal malformations increases
    The growth of the fetus is slower – the baby is born smaller and less developed
    Stillbirths are more common

What happens to a newborn when a mother smoked while pregnant

  • The risk of the so-called sudden cot death of a baby (babies of smoking mothers should not fall asleep on their tummy)
  • A child is born with less developed respiratory organs
  • The child has weaker immunity, and more often develops diseases such as pneumonia or otitis media
  • Bronchial asthma develops more often


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