How to clear the lungs of tar?


Fortunately, cleansing the lungs is as fast as polluting them. American scientists from the American Cancer Society have proven that just 24 hours after smoking the last cigarette, the lungs begin to clear up. After one day, carbon dioxide disappears from the smoker’s body and a long process of regeneration of the body begins.

9 weeks after giving up smoking, the lungs start working normally. After about 6 months, although some heavy smokers after 3 months, lung efficiency increases by 10 percent. During this time, the smoker’s cough begins to subside. The lungs of a smoker after 10 years of regeneration are half as likely to develop cancer as the lungs of a smoker.

How to clean a smoker’s lungs?
Although lung regeneration occurs spontaneously, it is worth trying to speed up the process. How to clean the lungs of a smoker? There are several proven ways. Of course, the most effective way is to quit the addiction. In addition, you can support the body by developing a few habits.

First of all, it is good to avoid the company of smokers, because passive smoking is just as harmful to the body as active smoking. Recently, opinions have emerged that it can be even more harmful. It is about the so-called side stream of tobacco smoke, i.e. the smoke exhaled by the smoker and released from the cigarette itself. According to specialists, sidestream smoke contains up to 10 times more carbon monoxide and more than 10 times more nicotine.

Diet also affects the lungs. Among the products that cleanse the respiratory tract are garlic, corn, oranges, grapes, ginger and nettle.
It is also recommended to take inhalation of herbs that help to cleanse the lungs of the secretions remaining in them. The herbs that cleanse the lungs after smoking include rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, oregano and pine.


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