How can I quit smoking addiction?


Nobody says that quitting smoking is easy, but with the right level of determination and consistency, it CAN BE SUCCESSFUL. Set a quit smoking date. Use simple tricks that reduce the need to smoke and make it easier for you to quit smoking. Think about what triggers the urge to smoke and avoid these factors. Try to find new ways of thinking and behaving.

  • Remember what caused your decision to quit smoking.
  • Go more often to places where others do not smoke.
  • Seek out an activity for yourself to distract yourself from the need to smoke – a good method is to do sports every day – it also prevents weight gain.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Breathe deeply.

Note: We only become aware of some situations in which we have an irresistible desire to smoke when we try to live without smoking.
Method: “Tricks” that work for some people don’t work for others, so quitting smoking is a trial and error process.
Ask your doctor or nurse for help: Call the helpline or visit a similar website.
However, don’t give up! The most important thing is determination and consistency.


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