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Corporate Support at the British Lung Foundation

corporate-support-at-blfThe British Lung Foundation (BLF) has a great track record of working with a range of different companies. We pride ourselves on developing long-term strategic relationships with our corporate partners and constantly strive to maximise opportunities for both parties year on year.

Whether you want to raise your profile, increase sales or staff motivation, engage potential clients and suppliers, the BLF has a package to suit you.

Chosen charity partnerships
The benefits of working with the BLF

Cause related marketing

Benefits of being associated with a trusted charity brand
Employee involvement
We deliver a range of unique opportunities to engage your staff
Company Donations
Fund a BLF project
Support an event, publication or campaign
Unique opportunities to promote your company’s brand
Our corporate fundraising policies

To find out more about our fundraising policies when working with pharmaceutical companies, or about our policies when working with the business community, please see attachments.


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