Children’s Charter


The Children’s Charter will outline the BLF’s campaigning priorities to improve children’s lung health as well as support and care for children with lung disease.

Children’s Charter is being launched by the BLF to highlight the importance of improving children’s lung health in addition to the care and treatment offered to children with lung disease and their parents. You can support our campaign by signing our Charter petition which we will be presenting to the Government next year.

The Launch

The Children’s Charter will be launched to the national press on Wednesday, 16th June 2010 during BLF Breathe Easy Week 2010 which is kindly supported by a grant from MSD.

Because the launch takes place during BLF’s 25th Anniversary year, we are using the message Lungs are for life to encourage a new generation of people to think about their lung health.

We have created a campaign guide to help you raise awareness of the Children’s Charter. The campaign guides have been tailored for our supporters in England, Scotland and Wales and we also have a healthcare professional version too. If you are holding an awareness raising event, you can order our Children’s Charter materials and publications.


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