Children and parents


Breathing problems are extremely common in children – they are the main reason the under fives go to see their GP, for example. And there are many children who have serious lung conditions.

We aim to support parents in two main ways:

  • Information. We have a paediatric respiratory nurse on our helplin She is there to answer questions and give advice on children’s breathing and lungs. You can ask questions by email if you prefer, using the contact us link on the left of the page. And please go here for information on children’s lung disease.
  • Emotional support. We also have a counsellor for parents on our helpline (08458 50 50 20). Looking after a child who has a serious lung condition can be a hard and lonely experience. Our counsellor can provide emotional support and practical advice.

We will be developing much more in the way of online support for parents later this year. Please keep in touch


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