Celebrity Supporters


The British Lung Foundation has a host of celebrities who have very kindly given their time to support our campaigns. Click on the images below to find out how each celebrity has helped our work:


Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench is the Vice President of the British Lung Foundation and has been a great supporter of the charity since her husband, Michael Williams, lost his two-year battle with lung cancer in 2001.

Liz Dawn

Liz Dawn became a British Lung Foundation celebrity supporter in January 2009. Having a lung condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Liz understands exactly what it is like to live with a lung condition.

Chris Tarrant

Chris supports the British Lung Foundation’s Children’s Charter campaign and signed our national petition to protect children from passive in the car.

Craig Phillips

Since 2008, Craig Phillips has been supporting the British Lung Foundation to raise awareness of the asbestos related chest cancer Mesothelioma.

Dr Carol Cooper

Media doctor and GP, Dr Carol Cooper has supported the British Lung Foundation since 2009. She fronted the British Lung Foundation World COPD Day in 2009

Gary Rhodes

Celebrity Chef, Gary Rhodes has been a BLF supporter since 2009. He has supported the charity in a variety of ways including attending a charity fundraising day organised by global broker ICAP.

Kenny Ball

One of the most successful trumpet players this side of Atlantic, has recorded a song entitled ‘The Lung Lung Road’ for the (BLF) to support World COPD Day – listen to the song here.

Michael Johnson

Notts County, Youth Team Football Manager and former Notts County player, Michael Johnson has supported the British Lung Foundation since 2009.

James Cracknell

Olympic gold medalist rower, James Cracknell is supporting the British Lung Foundation’s ‘big breaths’ campaign.

Jonathan Ansell

Former G4 member Jonathan Ansell, who is now a hugely successful solo artist, won the British Lung Foundation’s male Lungs of the Year in 2008 to mark the British Lung Foundation’s national Breathe Easy Week.




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