Be Asbestos Aware with our top tips

  1. Asbestos fiber having components healthy are actually certainly not a health and wellness threat and also must be actually resisted
  2. Certainly never sand, rotary tool or even saw things which might include asbestos fiber including distinctive roof finishings, flooring ceramic tiles or even asbestos fiber concrete roofing systems
  3. Popular areas where asbestos fiber may be located feature flooring ceramic tiles, lavatory tanks, distinctive roof finishings, asbestos fiber concrete roofing systems, soffit panels and also coatings of combi boiler cabinets
  4. Consistently look for qualified advise coming from your regional authorization or even a recognized asbestos fiber extraction firm just before thinking about clearing away asbestos fiber components
  5. Consistently see to it you possess the appropriate private defense devices featuring:
    – Effectively suited disguise to the criteria EN149 (kind FFP3) or even EN1827 (kind FMP3)
    – Trousers and also footwear covers– very most home remodeling retail stores are going to keep these
    – If you are actually carrying out DO-IT-YOURSELF in your personal garments, eliminate all of them thoroughly to prevent excess dirt and also laundry quickly, independently coming from various other clothes, in a cleaning equipment. Be sure you make use of a face mask whilst taking care of all of them
  6. If you are actually dealing with asbestos fiber components constantly moisten down the surface area to prevent making dirt
  7. Do not smoke, consume or even consume in the workplace
  8. If you interrupt asbestos fiber perform certainly not make use of a residential vacuum as dirt might travel through the filter– work with an exclusive (Training class H) commercial vacuum that adheres to English Requirements– Seek out ‘asbestos fiber protection devices hire’ on the net for where to locate one
  9. Perform certainly not place asbestos fiber refuse in the garbage can– consult coming from the authorities concerning exactly how to carefully take care of it
  10. To find out more go toor contact the English Bronchi Structure helpline


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